Commonly Asked Questions

Q- How do I request an estimate? Fill out the estimate request form, send us an email to call us at 507-1978 or text us with your request. We will need your name, email, phone and address as well as what service you request.


Q- What areas do you service?

We mainly service zip 31405 and 31419 (Highway 17, Southbridge, all Sub Div on Burwick Blvd, Bradley Point South)


We currently do not service Wilmington or Whitemarsh Islands, Richmond Hill, Pooler or Garden City areas.


Q- Do I need to be home for my estimate?

No. As long as we can access your back yard and your pets are secured.


Q- Can I get a quote over the phone?

No. We need to see your property in order to give a fair and accurate estimate.


Q- What’s included in your mowing services?

Our mowing services include lawn mowing, edging of the driveway and sidewalk surrounding your home, string trimming around all areas were the mower cannot reach and blowing all clippings of hard surfaces. Shrubs, plant/ flower beds, brick patio or walkways are invoiced as aditional services.


Q- How do I pay for my services?

Pay with a card, we carry a credit and ATM card machine. We can send you a PayPal electronic invoice to your email. We can debit your credit or ATM card after each service or send you a monthly invoice (must have a card on file) We do not accept personal checks. Our goal is to make your payments as stress free as posible


Q- When is my payment due?

Paying per cut received. Your invoice must be paid within 5 days after you receive the invoice. A $5.00 late fee will be added on the 6th day of non payment and another $5.00 on the 10th day of non payment with a service cancelation until payment is made in full. Monthly invoicing is available (must have a credit card on file)


Q- How do I pay for work other than lawn care, such as landscaping work, pine straw or mulch installation?

All major work (landscaping, pine straw, mulch, etc.) requires a 50% deposit and the additional 50% is due the day of work completion.


Q- If it’s raining on my schedule date, when should I expect service?

We monitor the extended weather in Savannah. In the event your scheduled date falls on a rain date, we will service your property two days before it rains or two days after the weather has cleared.


Q- Can we request service on a specific day of the week or a specific time of the day?

We will try to accommodate your day request, but cannot guarantee it. We service specific locations on certain days of the week. We do not take time of the day requests.


Q- Do I need to be home for services?

No. as long as access to the back yard is available.


Q- Can you still service my back yard if my dog is in the back yard  and he does not bite or he is chained up.?

We cannot service the back yard if your pets are not secured in the house due to safety of all personnel and you’re pet.


Q- Will the same crew service my property on all service visits?

Yes. The same crew will service all residential properties all the time. The owner is at all residential service visits and will do the final walk through on each service.


Q- Sould I water my lawn prior to a lawn mowing service visit?

For best results, please do not water your lawn the night before or the morning of scheduled service.


Q- I currently own property in Savannah, but do not live there. How do I know that you’re servicing my property?

We send a monthly photo of your property to your email address at no additional cost if you are away to give you peace of mind. Out of state services are paid in advance.


Q- Can I call and skip a service visit?

If you skip a service visit, we cannot guaratee your current service day or price. Our crews work on a schedule in order to provide you reliability and if someone call requesting scheduled services, then we will place them in your slot.


Important information


Kids toys, trampolines, dog waste removal are the responsibility of the home owner


We're glad to come by your Savannah, GA home or business for a on-site consultation.

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