Leaf clean up/ removal services in Savannah, GA

Spring or Fall leaf clean up services in Savannah, GA or leaf removal services in savannah, GA consist of mulching, picking up and removing leafs and other vegetation debris from the yard. We use lawn mowers with mulching blades to make your property look it's best. We also blow leafs and branches out of flower beds and around the house. Once all the leafs are mulched we bag the excess for city curb side pick up or haul them away for an additional fee so you don’t have to worry about disposal.

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Mow Your Leaves for a Healthier Lawn

Leafs should not be left to sit on top of your Savannah grass. Not only do the leafs block sunlight getting to the grass, the area under fallen leafs stays damp and is a breeding ground for fungus that can damage the turf.   

The best method for weed control is mowing the leafs with a mulching mower and letting them fall into the soil.  Studies show that mulching leafs into the turf can actually be beneficial to the soil and grass. Soils with mulched leafs showed increased microbial activity and better water infiltration. Studies also showed that when leafs were mulched into established turf the grass greened up quicker in the spring and also had fewer dandelions in the spring. 

Mulching leafs also has some hidden benefits. The repeated mowing needed to mulch the leafs actually thickens the grass by encouraging it to grow laterally. If was often thought that mulching leafs into the yard would thin out your lawn but now it has been repeatedly proven that mulching leafs into the grass will build a healthier lawn in the next year. Save yourself time and increase your lawn’s health by keeping the rake in storage and calling Blades of Grass Lawn Care in Savannah, GA for your leaf clean up work. 

Savannah GA leaf clean up and removal services Blades of Grass Lawn Care leaf clean up services

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